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I'm not really sure if there was more JOY in my heart for seeing my girls meet Santa's helper for the very first time or in their heart for getting to experience this much anticipated trip. When we walked up to the are where Santa was holding court, he was up walking around and Victoria spotted him first and started waving excitedly and began exclaiming very excitedly, "There's Santa!" Isabella was happy as well, just a bit more reserved...in true form she was. 

While Victoria began her sweet little conversation with Santa, I took a mental picture of her looking up to Santa with such a priceless expression. Isabella sat patiently on Santa's lap, not uttering a word and later told me, "He had a real beard, Mommy, but I thinks Santa's eyes are blue, his were brown." 

Yes, I kicked myself that I did not take video of this adventure with my uber-cool iPhone4s. Didn't even think about it until Gordon asked me if I had. Grrr.

next week's theme


the wrap-up

I'm not going to say it's the end, because it's not! 52Photos will be new and exciting and rarin' to go with our first 2012 theme on January 5th!


  1. YAY! Button for next year! And what an adorable photo. Do you like your IPhone? I'm thinking of upgrading.

  2. Your girls are absolutely adorable! Love this shot --- love the thought of another P52::2012

  3. Such a sweet Picture Monika!
    Merry Xmas!!


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