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Welcome to Filofax Friday, a new blog feature here at I Love It All!

Filofax Friday |

My friend Francine Clouden and I have teamed up, transatlantically, and will be sharing tips, tricks, tutorials and printables the first Friday of each month. I'm in Tennessee, Francine's in France {originally from the Carribbean} and we look forward to your visits each month. 

I have recently found the joy of using a paper planner. Again. I've always used a paper planner in some form or another, from freebies to dollar store versions, to a Franklin Covey while Marketing Director and Assistant Vice President for a local bank, to something from the office supply store while I was just beginning to blog and developing products for my online shop. This summer, though, I stumbled upon the Filofax website and found a darling little sunny yellow planner in a Pocket size at 60% off and immediately purchased it. 

I've since moved into a larger Personal sized Finsbury Filofax only because I felt I needed more writing space to coordinate my family life, my business life and my blogging life. I adore the sunny color and it just makes me happy to sit down and plan my days, weeks and months ahead.

If you don't already follow me on Instagram {@iloveitallshop} I share tons of photos of my Filofax there through several photo challenges I participate in. You'll also find photos of my darling daughters, cute cat, handsome husband, beloved Smoky Mountains, homey home and every now and then, a photo of me mixed in, but there are LOTS of Filofax photos.

To get us started this month, I wanted to share a few photos I've taken over the past several months that show some of my Filofax setup and system.


Filofax Friday |
trim notepaper to size, punch holes and use for weekly reminders
the half page still allows me to see my week at a glance
| source |

Filofax Friday | Pocket Finsbury |
corral all those coupons inside the open top plastic pouch...reduces the bulk in your wallet, too!
using a permanent fine tip Sharpie and your writing won't smudge on washi tape
| source |

make your list, draw a circle before the item to be done
when complete color it in completely, only half done than color in half the circle
| source |

Filofax Friday | Pocket Finsbury |
just your simple, everyday yellow post-it serves as a reminder to make an appointment
think you can go another week before you need a haircut + color? move the sticky to next week!
| source |

Filofax Friday | Personal Finsbury |
make your lists and notes moveable without having to open the rings each time
after punching holes, just cut a slit into each hole
perfect for those tasks that remain the same from week to week or day to day
| source |


Filofax Friday | Personal Finsbury |
because I don't have the need for all these business card slots, I add a small stash of post-it notes
| source |

Filofax Friday | Personal Finsbury |
keep track of deal site coupon codes
For Filofax Personal size, trim your paper to 6.75" tall and 7" wide. From the left edge, where you 
would punch your holes, score and fold at 3.75". You now have a fold over to hide all the messy notes. permanent Sharpie marker will write, without smudging, on washi tape.
| source |

Filofax Friday | Personal Finsbury |
repurpose office supply store binder dividers
trim to size, hole punch and because they were pink and then I added yellow washi to the tabs
| source |


Filofax Friday | Personal Finsbury |
 use your scrapbook papers for themed divider tabs and office supply graph paper for to do lists
for our advent calendar plan, I wrote a list of activities and then wrote the date in the square
| source

Filofax Friday | Personal Finsbury |
 who says to do lists can't be fun and colorful?
trim copy paper to size, add some washi tape and use colorful markers

Filofax Friday | Personal Finsbury |
behind my lists divider tab, I jotted down a few ideas that I wanted to include in our December Daily album

Filofax Friday | Christmas Planner |
using a free printable from paige pagen, I added some washi and am using it for my advent calendar plan
then I cut some vellum to size as an overlay and add our Elf on the Shelf plan here
both are filed behind my Christmas divider tab, not kept with my regular monthly planner pages
| source


Filofax Friday | Meal Plan Jotter |
a meal planner that fits inside your planner, between the week on 2 pages inserts
monday -wednesday on one side and thursday - sunday on the flip side
| download

Filofax Friday | Be Happy Download |
three sizes available | Filofax Pocket, Filofax Personal and 4x6
| download

Filofax Friday | Halloween Countdown Download |
save this calendar countdown for next year!
available in letter size

January is the start of a new year and everyone has goals they'll set and dreams of keeping them. Mark your planner for January 4, 2014 when I'll be sharing a download for our next Filofax Friday.

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  1. This is so exciting! I love that tip about the circles on the bulleted lists. I have been using a check mark to show I've completed an item, but I think I am going to steal this idea! Especially since I do tend to have quite a bit of half-completed items ;) I love seeing your cheerful yellow planner pop up in my social media streams!

  2. I LOVE THIS! I've only been using my filofax for about 6 weeks, and I'm hopelessly hooked! I have my setup here:
    I'll be following!


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