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For just a moment yesterday, I felt overwhelmed. I looked at my calendar and saw that I had lots of obligations and still had not firmed up our Advent Calendar activities or Elf on the Shelf antics. The girls and I still need to shop for our two Angel Tree angels, too. And there are lots and lots of Etsy orders to complete and package for shipping. 

I thought that the best way to feel less overwhelmed would be to head out to my Studio and get started packaging some orders for shipping today. Wrong. Although I accomplished quite a bit, I was still feeling antsy.

Checking my calendar again, I realized that it was the first day for Picture the Holidays {you can still register through December 10th} and #30Lists as well. I snapped a pic for the photo workshop and posted it to Instagram and the BPC Gallery and then dug through some supplies to complete my first 30 Days list, which I then posted to Instagram as well.

30 Days of Lists Journal |
One | Before the End of the Year | 30 Days of Lists Journal

Wow, I felt invigorated and happy and the feeling of being behind vanished. Just a little creative time really soothed my soul. I create every single day...for the shop, for other people and find that I have less and less time to be creative for me and our family.

I need to change that.

And with that invigoration, I tried out a new recipe that got thumbs up all the way around.

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Unpacked our Elf on the Shelf and staged her first adventure with our family.

Elf on the Shelf |
Elf on the Shelf |

Wrapped up some books for our family tradition of reading a Christmas story each night before bed in December.

Monika Wright |

Browsed through all our Advent calendar tags to find the right one for tonight's first door opening. Family movie night watching Elf.

Advent Calendar |

And even set up Day One for Our December Story mini album.

That little bit of creative time, just for me, sparked a whole lot of energy and put me in the right mood. I must remember this.


  1. I'm just like you in that way too!! 10 minutes with a photo, adhesive, paper and a story and I am back in my happy place. May your December be calm and full of joy, M!

  2. whenever my to do list overwhelms me, i have to just step back and whip up something quick in the kitchen like a quick batch of brownies or cupcakes and the world is a better place for me.

    i am watching elf as i type this. he is hilarious.


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