filofax planner challenge | days 24 - 30

I finished the 30 Day Planner Addicts Photo Challenge {go me!} for September and here are the rest of my Instagram pics. It's always fun to do a challenge, at least for me, because it makes me stop to think about things in a different way. Different as in the way to stage a photo, interpret the theme and to think of alternate meanings of the themes.

Day 24 | Brand New
My brand new yellow Personal size Finsbury Filofax arrived today! A bit stiffer than the Pocket size and, of course, larger. It will take some getting used to because my Pocket slipped inside my purse so nicely, this size takes a bit more room and time to fit it in.

Filofax Finsbury Planner |

Day 25 | Pockets
My Personal size Filofax did not come with a plastic pocket like the Pocket size did, so I made my own out of vellum. I forgot that I said I would do a tutorial for this, so I need to add that to my Blogging To Do list.

Filofax Finsbury Planner |

Day 26  | Pen Case
I mostly use my mechanical pencil to write notes and lists, but have a few pens which I keep in an old Coach makeup tote I used back in the day when I was a working Mom {Marketing Director and Assistant Vice President for a bank}.

I'm not super impressed with the Pilot Frixion pens and highlighters, although they are all the rage in the Filofax world, but I do happen to think that Pentel Clic Eraser is about the best invention ever.

Day 27 | Planner Charm
I'm not really a planner charm kind of girl, but am also not one to let something stand in my way. So, I've added a key chain fob handmade by Hazel, a customer and friend from South Africa.

Filofax Finsbury Planner |

Day 28 | On the Shelf
I began this challenge with a yellow Filofax Pocket Finsbury and quickly found out that I needed more space to write. So, now there's a big sister and a little sister!

Filofax Finsbury Planner |

Day 29 | Love
I never added a photo of the kids to my planner, so I picked this one. Still one of my all time favorites, even thought it's back from 2008 when we went to Aruba. Oh, if they could just stay little forever. I miss them at that age, but they're especially wonderful right now, too! I'll have to add a photo of Zach to the back of this photo.

Filofax Finsbury Planner |

Day 30 | Open
Listing my blog posts, appointments, after-school activities and the all-important Fall TV schedule. A little washi tape never hurt anything and Post-It notes are a "good thing," as Martha says.

Filofax Finsbury Planner |

If you're a planner nut, join the Planner Addicts challenge from theABFOL blog for October, there's still time to catch up. My friend Kate invited me to play along with her, and the thousands of other fans out there, in the @fatmumslim October challenge. So, two photo challenges for October...busy, busy.


  1. I've enjoyed your recent Filofax posts, and am happy to find another person who appreciates the Pentel Clic eraser.

    1. I have loved the Pentel Clic since I was in college, Jemilyea!

  2. Love the charm!!! and the pic of the brainy beauties!! Your Filofax looks like a mini Project Life - love it.


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