5 on the 5th | october 2013

I was kind of giddy when I searched the hashtag #5onthe5th on Instagram and saw that a couple of my friends were taking part in the fun! Thanks @mnkware, @crystalcapturesmemories, @akabubba, @soniapraca and @jenlevin for sharing your awesome photos and peeks into your 5th of October.

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1  |  Crepes for breakfast. It's a weekend morning favorite. Four of us like Nutella in the middle of our crepes, but Victoria is the hold out, she prefers Strawberry jam spread all the way to the edge. 

2  |  A steaming cup of coffee while we relax after breakfast. And a few of my favorite things: mug from my Sweetie, hand loomed mug rug from Isabella, pottery the girls created over the summer at a Pottery Class they took and an old iron from my Oma {the German word for Granny}. 

3  |  Second coat going on in our still-not-finished-house-painting project. This is the wall of windows behind the row of black tool chests in my Studio, which used to be our Sun Room. We're at about 90% complete. Finally. Just the trim work on a few windows {we have over 25 windows} and we can sit back and say, "Aaaaah!" Yep, I have to wear my reading glasses for any kind of detail work, reading, working on the computer. Grrr.

4  |  Love this photo...ladders out, Mr. wRight painting, the girls playing ball with Scout {he is finally feeling better} and me behind the camera capturing a sweet moment in our lovely life!

5  |  We NEVER watch television during meals, but Tennessee was playing against Georgia and we didn't want to miss the action. UT lost, but played a good game with a first year Coach. We happen to think our new Coach is a very good guy. We even saw one of Zach's friends on TV. They attended preK together and graduated from the same High School and she's engaged to another of Zach's friends.

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  1. What happened to Scout?? I've missed out on that one. So glad he's feeling better though.

  2. crepes with nutella are the best but homemade strawberry jam comes in as a close second.


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