wright now | september 2013

I absolutely love the crispness in the air we are feeling here in the Smoky Mountains. The mornings are an absolute joy, but it does still get up into the 80s in the afternoon. The cooler weather has me anticipating warm woolies and colorful scarves. 

While I was in Knoxville last week for an appointment, I dropped into Marshall's. I didn't expect to find anything, really, as that's usually the way it goes when I want to find a little something new to add to spice up my usual jeans and T work from home wardrobe. I was quite happy to walk out with four pieces of clothing for under $100, valued at $174 if purchased full price, and all things that I would actually have paid full price for.

As you're looking at my Wright Now mood board, I admit that there's nothing spicy there. It's classic Monika, though. Standard basics. And please note this, I would never wear an open toe pump with my skinny jeans...so not Monika. I don't know that I would wear a closed toe pump, either. But, that's just me...not saying that you can't do that if it floats your boat.

1  |  I already know that this sweater will be one of my Fall favorites. Early Fall will have me wearing a colorful cami underneath it, when I'll transition into perhaps a long-sleeved shirt with this knotted around my shoulder. I'll continue to wear it into early Winter with a tee underneath and a colorful scarf wrapped around my neck. ---> Marshall's price $24.99

2  |  I like a Western style shirt with pearl snap buttons. And honestly, when I saw this shirt I knew that Mr. wRight would think I was a hottie when I pair it with my boot cut jeans and cowgirl boots. Plus, I can sling that blue v-neck sweater over my shoulders and be warm and "hot" at the same time! TMI?

3  |  I can't find the exact style skinny jeans I bought at Marshall's, must be last season, but these are close. It's hard for me to find skinny jeans that are long enough and don't look ridiculous on me. I plan to wear these with my new shoes {see #4} and will certainly wear them most every day as I drive the girls to school or pick them up in the afternoon, at least until it's boot season. In the house, you'll most likely see me in my UGG horseshoes!

4  |  I love flats. I love Ralph Lauren. I love driving mocs. And I love these. I have them in Brandy, bu they are what I would call a luggage brown. Just a perfect color. I would prefer if they didn't have the bright gold logo adornment, but not so much that I didn't buy them. They look more awesome in person than they do in the photo, trust me. These were not found at Marshall's but a a local department store Belk. These were a full price purchase and a splurge, but sometimes a girl has to treat herself.

Not Pictured  |  I couldn't find a link to the sweater I purchased. It is most definitely not me, more of a fashion thing, but the color was right and I it's a loose open weave sweater that I thought would look cute with the skinny jeans. Sometimes I'm a rebel like that.

What are your favorite finds right now?


  1. I am on the hunt for a nice pair of driving mocassins in a color. Maybe red?


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