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I have been on a mission to simplify my daily processs, which in effect makes our family life run more smoothly. And truthfully, makes everyone's life in our home much better. Even the animals. 

The Background
I've used a paper planner for years and years and have had luck with that whole scenario. I still have planner pages from when Zach was a baby. I noted when he got his first tooth and what foods he ate. Does he have a filled out baby book? No, he does not, but he does have a Mommy with an old planner and sweet little notes about him growing up right before my eyes.

The Dilemma
But, I still wasn't entirely on top of all our commitments because my planners were all too big to fit in my purse. When we were out, I didn't wouldn't know what was coming up next. I would misplace Doctor's appointment cards before I got them recorded in my planner, tucked nicely on my desk at home not in my purse because it was too big to haul around. I would say yes to a commitment and then forget about it before I got home to write it down in my planner.

Yes, I know there's a calendar feature on my iPhone, but I'm not in love with it. 

I like paper.

The Solution
Enter this little cutie from Filofax, a pocket Finsbury in yellow. Bargain hunter that I am, it was purchased at a 40% discount on the Filofax site, but you can do a search and find them elsewhere as well. I've had my Filofax planner since the beginning of August and I see a marked improvement in my efficiency as a business owner, Mommy and wife.

Filofax Pocket Finsbury | iloveitallwithmonikawright.comFilofax Pocket Finsbury |

What I Love About My Filofax Planner
  • It's cute.
  • It's small.
  • It fits in my purse.
  • I can use my scrapbooking supplies to personalize it and make it even cuter.
  • The color is bright and fun.
  • Inside, there are slots for me to carry business cards to hand out to potential customers.
  • My iPhone fits inside and I can still snap the loop.
  • It makes me happy.

A Peek Inside My Pocket Finsbury
You can't take the scrapbooker out of the girl! I've used my collection of washi tape and pretty paper to embellish the planner pages and to make my own custom dividers. 

Filofax Pocket Finsbury |

Planner Addicts Photo Challenge
My friend Melissa is a contributor at A Bowl Full of Lemons, a fun blog, and that's how I found out about the new challenge that goes through the end of September. You can find more info here.

Day  1 | The Cover
This little ray of sunshine makes me happy, happy, happy! It's a Pocket Finsbury by Filofax, in case it makes you happy, too.

Filofax Pocket Finsbury |

Day 2 | In Your Bag

Here she is, tucked nicely into my purse with room to spare. Now that I'm not dragging around sippy cups, emergency wipees and snacks, it's amazing how much of my stuff I can actually tuck inside. when I leave the house, I grab my planner and head out ready to conquer the world! 

Filofax Pocket Finsbury |

Day 3 | Fountain of Pens

I usually just use a pencil in my planner, but thought that I would give the Frixion pens a try as I was intrigued. Intrigued that it was an eraseable pen. And they really work. It has a broader tip than I care for, but still fun.

Filofax Pocket Finsbury |

Day 4 | Current Day

Filofax Pocket Finsbury |

Day 5 | Wishy "Washi"
I have a rather extensive collection of washi tape, some I collected on my own and some were perks for being a Design Contributor for My Mind's Eye. I added some washi tape to lined note pages and listed for dinner ideas {I'd like to be better at menu planning} and one for our favorite TV shows because I forget what nights they come on.

Use your permanent Sharpie pen on washi tape...won't smear off!

Filofax Pocket Finsbury |

Day 6 | On the Go

I work until the last possible moment, squeezing in every last minute before it's time to pick the girls up from school. I like to get out my shop orders out ahead of the promised time, mostly because I know how impatient I am when I order something online. My packages and my Filofax all tucked safely inside my huge mama jamma canvas bag from LL Bean.

Filofax Pocket Finsbury |

Day 7 | Work Space

This is me. Oh, how I would love to have a magazine spread worthy Studio. You know, the ones we all see on our favorite blogs and publications. I know I am lucky to have what I have, trust me. And I happily trade my little sunroom of chaos, because that means I am lucky enough to be busy in the shop and the girls have been in asking for glue dots, baker's twine, pretty paper, cardstock and envelopes. 

Busy hands = happy hearts.

Filofax Pocket Finsbury |

Day 8 | Sticky
Nothing cutesy here, just your plain old everyday yellow sticky note. Some purists don't believe in sticky notes in a planner, but I use them to jog my memory to make appointments. Once the appointment is made, it gets written on the calendar. This is a reminder to make a hair appointment to refresh my color...I'm just guessing it will be around the middle of September. We'll see how the gray hair looks.

Filofax Pocket Finsbury |

Day 9 | Favorite Essential
As much as planner addicts love their color coded activities and have a plethora of pens, I still can't get past my pencil and eraser being the best system for jotting appointments in my planner.

Filofax Pocket Finsbury |

There's still time to enter this giveaway.

edited to add  |  this post has been featured as a Weekly Web find on the Philofaxy blog

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  1. Love a peek inside your planner & system!

  2. This is a great post - love seeing how others stay organized!


  3. Did those dividers come with your Filofax system or did you make them yourself or order them elsewhere? They are beautiful ! I expected the Filofax to be the same carmel colors as those dividers(carmel color theme)but your filomax looks like it is lemon yellow.

    1. Hi! I made the dividers myself using patterned cardstock scrapbook papers. Just trace your dividers and trim. This is a yellow Filofax Finsbury, but it does come in other colors, though, if you want to check on what's available. Have fun!


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