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Here at the Love Shack, we are knee high in home renovations. Well, outdoor home renovations to be more exact. The mud porch project has morphed into so many other projects {can you say cha-ching?} that we're glad to have decided against taking a vacation this year and quite grateful for the lovely Etsy customers who support my shop each day.

1  |  The girls have been extra sleepy this week and have resisted their morning wake-up calls.  Once they are on the road to school, though, they perk up with tons of energy and are full of chatter as they talk about the day ahead. They are ready to embrace the day and conquer the world. 

I marvel at their confidence, something I did not have at their age. Believe it or not, I was shy, quiet and reserved. 

2  |  Mr. wrRight continues to amaze me with his talents each and every day. How does he know how to do everything he does? Really? Over our 15 years of marriage, I've come to realize that not always does he know how to do what he sets out to accomplish, but he always figures it out and delivers a quality product. Maybe that's where my girls get their confidence. Okay, maybe a little bit from me, too. Coming from two first-born parents, it's not often we back down from a project or allow defeat.

The chimney tear-down, which morphed from the mud porch project, resulted in a small hole and became bigger because, upon further inspection, it revealed dry rot. Yes, this part of the roof is above my side of the bed so I was quite concerned about it all. The hole is repaired, a new soffit installed and a roofer has been here and gone to patch the roof. 

3  |  Our border collie, Scout, is a runner. I mean this dog can run. Fast. I would say he can go 20 mph. Each time we head up our driveway, he heads out a break neck speed, cuts in front of the Suburban right before the bridge, goes through the field and up the bank to wait on us until we get there. He then cuts across the driveway, up the other side of the mountain and takes the long way back home to wait on us until we return. 

You can barely see him in this photo, but he's there where the trees clear just to the right front of the Suburban, waiting for us. 

4  |  As I walked down to the barn, where I had parked in case the roofer came, I looked down and saw the cutest, smallest, tiniest mini acorn I've ever seen. I adore Fall and everything about the season, so this was a good sign for me of all the good things to come.

5  |  Because we've been busy all week with projects, we were in dire need of a stop at the grocery store. We headed to our local market and picked up just a few essentials. The girls love carrots and Ranch dip. Victoria is hooked on orange juice. There were impulse buys of potato chips and chocolate milk. And we always buy two gallons of Mayfield milk every time we go to the store. We drink lots of milk.

I love when Gordon tells the girls, "Milk does a body good, just look at Mommy." They don't get it at all, but it makes me giddy that he still thinks that about little old 49-year old me.

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