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Because we are at the age, and stage, in our lives that we can afford a few of the nicer things in life...we splurged! Big time! BIG time.

1  |  After an exhaustive search at our locally owned lawn + garden home decor shops, the big box stores, chain home improvement stores, we just had to bit the bullet and purchase two of these beauties. We opted for the in stock color and did not special order the cushions in a designer color. What we will have will look exactly as pictured. I can not wait!

2  |   This table speaks to me. The wood and rusted iron fit in perfectly with our rustic mountain setting, but it also has a bit of an urban appeal to it. Just a perfect combination. We had such a good experience with this purchase. The clerk looked to see if there was another one in stock {we needed four} and there were plenty so she gave us the sale price for our rain check item, which was 40% off. And then, because we had a store loyalty card, there was an additional 15% off coupon that she allowed us to download on the spot since we knew nothing about it. Awesome, awesome customer service.

3  |  Nana and I were invited to a Kaffee Klatsch recently and while there, I spied this ceiling fan. {Actually, they had 6 or 8 of them...their space was that big. And gorgeous.} Deb so kindly offered to send me the  link and my Sweetie was able to find an even better price for us. Our space has just one, but it's just   lovely.

I'm so looking forward to the memories that will be made while lounging on our mud porch.


  1. the lounge sofa looks comfortable.
    can't wait to see the new area all put together. i bet it'll be your new favorite spot, right?

    1. It's already our favorite spot, but we're worried about Scout chewing on the cushions. Ugh.


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