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It was the First Day of School!

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We've officially ended Summer vacation and today is the second day of school.

1  |  She's in the 5th grade. There are 30 kids in her class this year. She sits between two boys, one she thinks is pretty awesome and one she thinks talks too much. She loved her first day of school!

2  |  She's in the 2nd grade. There are not 30 kids in her class. She sits next to a boy and is at the end of a row. She said he was persnickety last year, but thinks they're going to be pretty good friends this year. She loved her first day of school!

3  |  Pretty awesome when your uber sexy Tech support guy is also your uber sexy husband. Lucky me that he takes care of all the mundane, must do tasks that I always seem to let slip my mind.

4  |  Usually, special after school treats are reserved for Friday. But, Mommy, today is the first day of school and you have to earn your first "You're the Best Mommy Ever" merit badge of the year...so off we head to the new ice cream place in town we've been meaning to check out. Thumbs up on the Cheesecake soft serve.

5  |  In an effort to get all my lists, scraps of paper, plans, dreams, numbers, codes and anything else that needs to be organized all into one place, I've purchased a pocket organizer. I am loving the whole write it down, make it cute, figure out a system of it all. {See #3}

P. S. I'm a sucker for Scholastic book orders and sometimes have to restrain from ordering and say we'll just check the book out from the library...but not today.

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  1. Your little girl are so adorable. How much fun!!

  2. If you love Scholastic book orders, you are a Mama after my own heart! Hope your girls have a great year at school - and at home!

    1. I sometimes have to resist ordering, but there were just too many good choices this time!

  3. i can't believe summer is already over and school started for your girls. it seems like just a week ago when you wrote that schools out for summer.

    1. I feel the very same way, this Summer passed way too quickly!


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