back to school

The girls have almost four weeks of school under their belts.

Back to School | Monika Wright

I continue to be amazed by their love of school and good grades. I'm thankful that homework is relatively pain free. Learning seems to comes easily to them, but they do have their favorite subjects and excel at those more than at their less favorite subjects. Zach was a highly intelligent child and surpassed my skills in Math and Science at an early age, but I don't know that he enjoyed school as much as these girls do.

Back to School | Monika Wright
Back to School | Monika Wright

Every day I wonder how I already have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader. It feels like just days ago that I was wondering when I was ever going to feel something other than exhausted. I nursed each of my kids for a year each. They never had a bottle and didn't sleep through the night until I stopped nursing, which means I woke for feedings every 4 hours every night for a whole year. Yes, I was tired.

Sometimes, I find myself thinking about how I would be an empty nester if Gordon and I had not had our girls. We are lucky to have them, as I had secondary infertility and underwent fertility treatments to bring these two precious girls into our lives.

And I wouldn't change a thing. It was totally worth being exhausted to have still have two special young people around to hug my neck, say Mommy 30 times a day, tell me I'm the best and shower me with I Love You's.

Back to School | Monika Wright

I'd say it has been an excellent return on our investment!


  1. The brainy beauties are totally AWESOME! I wish I had a daughter. Seems that they want to be nearer and dearer to their mommy's. Boys (OK, my boys!) are a different kettle of fish but I love them anyway!

    1. Yes, I think boys are different, Hazel. My little rascal insists on seeing how long he can go ignoring my phone calls, texts and e-mails before he actually phones home. Ugh.

  2. Cute cute girls! Back to school is so much fun!


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