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June 5th just was not even on my radar this month. Didn't even think about documenting. When did I realize that I had no photos? On the morning of June 6th, which just  happened to be our 15th Wedding Anniversary, so this month you have 5 on the 5th on the 6th.

1  |  We made a family trip to Lowe's one Spring afternoon to get some tomato plants. We cheated and purchased one rather large tomato plant so that we would see quicker results in our farming project. It worked! The huge plant treated the girls to a juicy red tomato on the 6th and today Isabella noticed another red, juicy tomato just wanting to be picked.

2  | Hello Knoxville! We spent our 15th anniversary day together, thankfully, running errands and checking out options for porch addition and landscaping project. Living in the mountains, we have the joy of being just 20 minutes away from a large city and just 45 minutes away from Knoxville.

3  |  Off we went on our adventure, after dropping the girls off for Oma Day, to the Bomanite office to see samples and colors and, of all things, we joined Costco. Finally. Wow, we love that place. And we were good, we only purchased items that we would actually use and didn't get sucked into that "Oh, but this is such a good deal!" scenario. And no, we did not purchase the pergola, but Gordon couldn't believe the $799 price tag for something pre-built AND cedar. I would never have noticed that.

4  |  No photo of the lovely couple on their anniversary, but I did get a snapshot of the lovely couple's sunglasses.

5  |  I did snap some photos of the lovely couple's daughters, though, while they sang and worshipped and enjoyed the activities at Vacation Bible School. It appears that the rock climbing wall was a great adventure for them both. Isabella was within inches of the top and looked down, so she was ready to come on down. Victoria got almost half way and she was ready to head to terra firma.

No fancy clothes, no hot date night...just an ordinary day in our extraordinary lives. Perfect way to celebrate our happily ever after, don't you think?

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  1. home grown tomatoes are the best. my oma used to grow a ton in her garden. oh how i miss these.

    costco is like ikea. you go in for one or two things and end up leaving with a ton. i always get sucked in. the pergola is pretty though.

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