5onthe5th | march 2013

Lucky for us...Gordon and I were able to spend the day together while the girls were in school and it just happened to fall on the 5th of the month. Not a normal, everyday 5th of the month, but a good day to document for sure!

1  |  pile of shirts ready to go to the dry cleaner to be laundered and pressed. way back when...when I was a new stay-at-home Mom with only two kids, I somehow convinced Gordon that starched dress shirts made a better impression in the work place and he fell for it agreed. lucky for me, he still takes them to the dry cleaner freeing me up for more creative time. 

2  |  a day together called for errands {see #1} and breakfast out together. can I just say that pancakes and coffee should not cost THAT much. no wonder we only go to IHOP once every five years. seriously.

3  |  this antique mall is on our commute from town to home but we rarely stop. when we do, we always seem to find a treasure. the server we moved from the sunroom to our dining room comes from here as does a sofa table we used for a while and then gave to Nana and Papa. 

4  |  Gordon has quite the eye for unique, and perfect, decor items. when he saw this treasure of an old, silver trophy he said that I needed it for my new Studio. made the purchase. silly ham that he is, he told me that I was his trophy wife. when he says it, it's way cuter than when I retell the story, so you'll just have to trust me that it was funny. especially because "trophy" wives are usually 8 years younger than the husband, not 8 years older like I am. see...funny. right? wait, it is an old trophy, so maybe it's not so funny after all. ha.

5  |  treasure # 2 was a 80s era Star Wars podracer. my Sweetie does love Star Wars, still, and his girls do, too. they loved it and he loved that they loved it. when I posted this photo on Instagram, I also e-mailed it to Gordon's brother who quickly wanted to know where he got it. yep, another Star Wars fan.

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  1. Would it be okay to use this title and idea on my own blog? I really love it. I have been reading along for about two years now and have been meaning to ask for a while. Your posts are always simple and sweet, even when they are just pictures of made beds. ;-)

    1. Hi Gwendolyn T,

      Go for it...it's not my original idea at all, I was inspired by Ella Publishing and their 12 on the 12th project and just modified it to fit what I thought I could accomplish. I think you'll enjoy having these rather simple thoughts and photos recorded to look back on in time.

      Have fun!

  2. 5 on the 5th is my favorite series you do on your blog. Well, your minis are my favorite but 5 on the5th is right up there!! Love these little peeks into your everyday and the stories you tell.

    1. Makes me happy to know this little tidbit, Gina! I wish I were a better stortyteller, but some story is better than no story at all, right?


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