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A little background. The 5 on the 5th project I've been doing for the past 14 months is based on the 12 on the 12th project that Ella Publishing {I was once a Design Team member} popularized last year. By the way, they are now part of Big Picture Classes! I knew that I wouldn't take the time to do 12 photos, but thought that five would be a good number for me. We have five family members and occasionally, Zach contributes a photo to my monthly montage.

1  |  we've been married for nearly 15 years and probably have had this server for 12 of those years. it's had temporary spots in different locations in our home over the years, lastly in our sun room. on a whim, we moved it in front of the window in our rather smallish dining room. we moved the table out, which makes it not centered under the chandelier, but i love it anyhow. it feels so fancy schmancy and cozy and warm. i kinda feel i'm in a southern living magazine spread. yes, Peppy Paige, the american girl doll is sitting in Victoria's chair and no, i had not finished decorating the top of the server. 

2  |  one of the prints from the shop in a very non-valeniney color of seafoam. love it. seems so perfect with the styrofoam balls i covered with tons of baker's twine for a project last year. always fun to change out the goodies on our sofa table for the seasons.

3  |  my Sweetie knows me so well. i don't want dead flowers that cost a ton. if they're cheap, okay, go for it. or even better, pick me bouquet from the yard. soooo...in my new studio, i have an oversized ampersand on display that i picked up for cheap at hobby lobby. he came home today with these mugs from starbucks that say you.me. and have an ampersand on the front. so very me. he won't be home for valentine's day, but i will have a cute mug to drink out of and while i think about him. 

4  |  big boys and their toys. this is scout number 3 of 4. they make him happy. he loves a project. or two. or three. or four. 

5  |  this little loveseat has been around for about 12 years as well and it's amazing that in the past month, we've used it more than we have in the whole 12 years its been hanging out in the sun room. it's really very comfy. the girls like to sit down and talk to me while i'm in my studio. they like to read. they like to cuddle with Smoky. and the best thing, Gordon comes in after cleaning up the dinner dishes with a cup of coffee in hand for us to share. we chat. he surfs on his iPad. i putter. the girls interrupt every five minutes.

life is good. 

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