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I sent invites for our Mother's Day Celebration out to Nana and Papa, Uncle Chad, Oma, Uncle James and Jimmie Jim {that's what Victoria decided to call my Mom's significant other and it's stuck} last week.

After printing my info onto some heavyweight white cardstock, I trimmed the invites to 5x7 to fit inside my envelopes, added pretty paper borders to the top and bottom and rounded the corners. After punching half circles into the sides of the invite, I wrapped three strands of baker's twine {Mandarin, Honeydew and Cappuccino} around the card twice and tied a nice sized bow. 

Simple. Classic. Personal. All using the stash of supplies I already had on hand. And yes, they just happen to match the Mother's Day cards I made last week, too. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?


  1. this is such a wonderful idea!

    hugs and kisses from germany,
    silvi xoxo

  2. Perfect in every way...the colors, the twine, the paper. I love this design too. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  3. Simply beautiful. Happy Mothers Day!

  4. Such a great color combo... absolutely beautiful!

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  6. Beautiful card! Love the patterned paper and matching twine! Thanks for sharing!

  7. really like the notched view - thanks for sharing!

  8. These are beautiful, Monika!!! You are so talented -- enjoy your Mother's day, sweet one!

  9. I love this idea! You truly think up some original stuff. Been lurking for a while but never introduced myself. :) So hi! Nina here.

    Btw, what patterned paper is that? It's wonderful!

    Happy Mother's Day to ya.

    1. Hi glad to meet you, I'm glad to know you are a reader. The patterned paper is from SEI and is from the Dill Blossom line: hyssop 8-1703. It's patterned on one side and the reverse side is the awesome coral color you see in the photos. Try doing a search, you may still find some even though it's an older collection. You could also try, that's where I purchased mine. Good luck and hope to be hearing from you again.


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