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All three of my kids have had library cards since they can remember and have been regulars at the County library as well. Oma always took them on Oma days, when they were younger, since it was a short walk from her condo.

But when Victoria found out that finally it was the Kindergarteners' turn to actually check out a book from the school library, and not just talk about books and how to properly take care of them, well...let's just say that it was an exciting morning in the car that day on the way to school. To her, this meant that she was a big girl now!

As soon as Spunky got into the car that very same afternoon, after her visit to the school Library, she could hardly get into her booster seat and get buckled in before I heard the backpack being unzipped and her wanting me to spin my head around and look at her LIBRARY BOOK!

This was a sweet book and part of a series. I liked that Victoria was able to have found something new that we had not yet read. And, okay, was disappointed when she came home with Fancy Nancy {a series that Isabella has read} rather than another in the Ladybug Girl saga on her next Library day. Ladybug Girl must be a popular "read" at her school. I'm putting in a special request this week with Victoria...I want to read the rest of Ladybug Girl's adventures!

Do you have any recommendations for favorite reads of your children, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandchildren? I'd love to put a few new titles on our Summer Reading list from your suggestions.


  1. Yay! We love books. I came across the following site with LOTS of great recommendations of good books for girls (good role models, strong female characters): Many of our favorites are recommended.

  2. Our granddaughters love the Fancy Nancy books too. Have you read Pinkalicious and all the titles in that series? One of my absolute favourite spring sets is about "Emma" (the chicken), written by Margriet Ruurs. Just recently the Puppy Place beginning chapter books have been added to the 'loves'. I bet your girls would like them, what with the new puppy! Thanks for recommending the Ladybug book - I'm going to request it from our library. Happy National Scrapbook Day!

  3. Yay! It does my heart good to see kiddos that are excited about reading. I really love the book "The English Roses". Madonna wrote it and it's suprisingly sweet for little girls. My youngest is 16 now and she still loves that book. It has a good positive message about girls and friendships.


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