what's happening

Lots of good things and fun times, that's what's happening!

Tutorial for a Mother's Day card at write.click.scrapbook. today, featuring The Twinery twine...

Digging and Planting and Watering on each afternoon's after school agenda...

And the Mud Room Renovation is coming to life after 14 years of really wanting one...

Oh, yes, and this sweet face will be joining our family in a few days' time as well. Meet Scout...

What's happening in your world today?


  1. I love Scout! Is he a border collie?

  2. Yes, Patti, he's a border collie, just like our Duke is. He's having a tough time with his hip these days and we think he's going deaf {which is common in border collie dogs. Gordon thought that Duke could teach Scout the ropes of keeping the girls company and watching over them and the cats and horses. Duke loves a job, that's for sure.

  3. OH, my gosh! Monika, he's adorable! But, I think Duke is, as well! He'll have a new job keeping up with this little one, that's for sure! :)


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