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A sweet Mother's Day gift of long ago from a now grown-up Zach. It has had many homes in different flower beds around the house and right now it's at the basement door nestled among the 3 peony plants already begin to grow and bud with the abundance of sunshine and warm temperatures this year. As of yet, the weeding isn't complete and just this morning Gordon mentioned mulch, as there's a special at Lowe's this week. Hmmm, busy weekend ahead perhaps?

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the wrap-up

Join 2 girls and our cameras as we embark on a journey of discovery. With one girl in Sweden and the other girl in Tennessee, we will learn more about each other through our interpretation of weekly photographic challenges.

Won´t you join us as we learn more about ourselves and each other through our 1 year/52 week photo challenge?

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  1. Terrific blog you have here! My first time, and I LOVE it. I signed on to your feed! Great subway art which I know that I will be using. Thank you so much!


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