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Generally, at this time of day, I have on my UGG houseshoes. It seems that I live in them almost 24.7 since I spend most of the day at home and we don't often wear shoes inside our home. Well, on this day, my new UGG boots {purchased on sale of course} just felt too good to take off when I returned home from taking the girls to school. And since I was just a little too lazy to hike up the side of the mountain a bit to photograph a more interesting view of down...

...off we went, the girls and I, to the little sitting porch outside our front door to take our "down" photo. The three Wright girls and their feet. It's rare that they even have their horseshoes on. Victoria often exclaims that her feet are sweltering. That kiddo would run around barefoot and a tank top all year long. Isabella is more like me and likes to be toasty and warm. And you do know that it took everything I had not to retouch her shoes that are in desperate need of a shine. FYI: Her shoes are now shiny and new looking once again. Just keepin' it real for you.

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How are you doing as we head into Week 12 of 52Photos? Oh, and have you stopped into the Flickr group lately?

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