5 on the 5th | january 2012

Welcome to the first installment of a new family project using my Instagram photo.

Why 5? Because we have 5 family members for one and for another, it seemed much more do-able for me than the more common 12 on the 12th that so many people participate in. Ideally, I would adore if Zach would snap a pic with his iPhone and e-mail it to me so that I could include his take on the 5th along with our experiences for the day...maybe next month. Guess what?  Zach sent me a photo...although I'm not sure he knew I was going to use it for 5 on the 5th, but I'm using it anyway.

I thought it would be fun to capture a year's grouping of 5 photos taken on the 5th day of each month. You know, photos that I probably would never think of taking or think to silly to share, but that define our life at that moment. Like we all need another project to keep track of. But, I've been having so much fun with my new phone and all the apps. Instagram is one of my faves and you can follow me by searching for me: @monikawright_iloveitall or you can follow my Instagrid feed if you don't have an iPhone.

1 | girls headed out the door to their 2nd day of school in 2012 
2 | ironing the duvet cover which takes for.ever.and.ever. but which makes Gordon so very happy
3 | our almost daily stop at the Post Office to mail I Love It All on Etsy packages
4 | loyal, getting older and with the saddest look he could give, Duke the dog
5 | the two of them on the beach in Charleston

See you next month {on the 6th} when I'll post February's 5 on the 5th family update! Here's a rough outline on what's in store for 2012.

note: seeing my collage now, I need to stick with one filter for all the photos for a more cohesive look, but that's just the Type A perfectionist coming out in me. Can't help it and I'm not going to apologize.

Thanks for stopping in!
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  1. Good idea for the 5 on 5. I tried 10 on 10 once and it was too much- 5 is much more manageable!

  2. great idea and i am so happy zach send you one too!

  3. how fun! how did you make that cute little grid??

  4. I wondered what this was going to be! Love it! ALL! :) I just got my IPhone, and am excited to use instagram. Have a feeling I'll be snapping lots of dippy pictures, just because I can! LOL! I would borrow this, but two on the second just doesn't seem worth it! HeHe!

  5. Nice idea! I am actually trying to do 12 on the 12th (just because it is 2012!) - And will try to keep it as simple as possible- I will also be using Instagram exclusively as I just got an iPhone for Christmas! :D


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