the times of our life

I can't remember exactly when I made this mini album but I do remember making it and having lots of fun while doing it. It was one of my first attempts at the mini album addiction I've been known to have and I thought that I was pretty crafty mixing in all sorts of page sizes and elements and chipboard and SCHTUFF. 

Using a package of journaling spots from ormolu {and you'll want to check out the blog here}, I built my whole mini around them, "the times of our life" is what I titled this creation. As I look at these photos taken back last August, but never shared here on the blog, I notice lots of SEI patterned papers.

Yep, that's me taking a photo of Gordon taking a photo of me at Victoria's birthday party. Zach took the photo of us on the beach at Destin.

Whether or not to include "bad" time was a dilemma, but I included it after all. Our Isabella still doesn't like when she's not the winner. Victoria still is not a very good mess cleaner upper. And Zach, wellllllll, we still don't get the full story from him. My, oh my, things For better or worse.

But, that's my little boy so clearly loving on each of his sisters when they were just babes, 27 months apart.

Love those journaling spots from Making Memories, they're still a fave. And that right hand page is a 3 up business card holder from russell&hazel, I believe.

The backside of the business card holder and the right side is just a filler page with the definition of time, but no ormolu journaling tag.

"In no time at all, they'll all be grown and we'll have plenty of time to wonder what are we going to do with all this time!" Words of wisdom.

Using another Making Memories journaling spot that I've removed from their spiral notebook and more SEI paper. I think this particular line coordinates so well with the colors of the ormolu journaling spots.

The random shaped chipboard shapes are those mini albums found in the Dollar bins at Michael's.

We are at Papa's cabin on top of the mountain. Yes, Isabella brought her Princess Fairy doll. Yes, they're both reading {Isabella, actually is and Victoria is "reading" the pictures}. Yes, Victoria has a bruised | black eye.

 Me and My Sweetie. This was a gift for him.

Gordon can sing like country music superstar and he's way sexier than they are, too. It's always a treat for us when he serenades the fam!

It's all because of them that we are a family.

It always pleased me that my academic superstar also showed an interest in art. He went to the Art Show three times and won twice. The girls love art projects and crafting as well. Who knows, perhaps they'll have the opportunity to go the the Art Show as well.

Reading is Fun around here. We have lots and lots of books, and now a Kindle which Isabella received for her birthday. She loves it! Here she is reading a book to Victoria in the chair we rocked both those baby girls in. The tree was painted by was in the fabric we purchased to design the nursery with. It's still there as I refuse to paint over it. Not gonna do it.

Oh, the sleep buddies. They're all still around, albeit a little less fluffy. We still sing the Go To Sleep song, we still tuck in, we still say our good night chant, but the red chair is now in my craft room as we don't have any babies to rock to sleep anymore. Wait a minute, I had to swipe a tear away.

This mini still makes me smile. Which is a good thing because I do tend to look back on projects I created early on, mostly layouts, and think to myself, "Oh, if I had just done this..." I'm guessing that I'm not the only one that thinks this way, so I'm going to call it perfectly normal. The thought, not me!

What brought this album to mind again, which you can also see in my Flickr with photos that don't have the terrible glare these do, was that I recently won tons of goodies from ormolu! I recalled this mini, but couldn't find it on my blog, so I thought that I should share it with you here. 

So, are you itching now to make a mini album based solely on journaling spots?
I've done it before here and here, and I'm just thinking it won't be my last.


  1. Your mini album is fabulous!! It's beautiful and I like it very much! You are an insparation for me :)!!


  2. I love that this mini is so you Monika:D What a great keepsake! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Such a great mini album! I love your work Monika!!!

  4. This is adorable! I love all the texture! Great job!

  5. Adorable and amazing, as always, Monika!! Off to see if I can find those journaling spots . . . . :) Thanks for sharing your talent and family with us!

  6. Oh Monika you've done it again!! This mini album is just beautiful & such a keepsake!
    This may be a silly question-but did you have to add pages to the album or did all of the pages come already in the album? (the reason I ask I noticed it's not like a ring binder so if you did add I was wandering, how?) tks!

  7. This is wonderful! With so many interesting and beautiful pages, I'm sure your family is very happy!

  8. Amazing! I love it. Things like this really gets me goin´.


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