30 days of lists

I was surfing down my Blogger list of blogs and saw on Alexandra Rae's blog that she had a post about 30 days of lists. Hmmm, that sounded interesting so I clicked over.

I peeked at the list of lists {ha, ha isn't that funny} but didn't print it out because I want to be surprised by the daily prompts and compose my lists on the fly, totally off the cuff and heartfelt. It's going to be fun to see what I might learn about myself, which was really my motivation in joining the fun.

True to form, I scoured my stash and got to work on making a mini journal to keep my 30 Days of Lists contained so that I just have to grab it and begin writing. I have a feeling I might even try to make it a little artsy by adding journaling spots and even some paint or gesso. Of course I'll share when class is over, silly.

If you're up for learning more about 30 Days of Lists, you can sign up here. If you'd like a journal like mine, find it in my shop.

Happy Monday from a stay-at-home Mommy who's last little babe started her first day of full-day Kindergarten this morning. I'll update you on Facebook to let you know how it's going here in this big, quiet house today. I'll also be adding a photo to show you how I embellished my 30Days of Lists mini front cover, too!


Find inspiration from my 30 Days of Lists postsincluding past classes.
Read more about the #30lists challenge {affiliate link}.


  1. Hope your first day home alone goes okay! I'm not sure I would know what to do with myself. : )

  2. How funny! I just pinned this event a couple of days ago as I am very much interested in doing this exercise! I was going to work on my own with their previous list. But maybe I should sign up for the upcoming one too!!

    Change your perspective and view your time alone as treasured time to accomplish lots! They will be back from school on no time ;)

  3. This looks like so much fun! Had to sign up! (My husband is ready for me to unpin your blog, lol!) Looking forward to getting my book (*happy dance!*) and seeing your lists, as well.

    I know your house is big and quiet today -- just think ahead to the quality time you'll get to spend with her this afternoon, and enjoy some time to yourself today. Sending hugs and love your way to make your day easier!

  4. Happy 1st Day I will have that next year as my baby goes into K this is our last year of girl time as I call it while the boys are at school. Going to squeeze & love every minute (feel the tears coming on already ha) My boys don't go back until after Labor day.I am actually going to looking into this 30 days looks interesting.Love your journal it looks wonderful. I'll have to add to my fav. for when our budget gets a bit loose :)

  5. Your little mini is adorable!! Happy first day of school..... Hope your accomplished lots off of your " to do" list!

  6. Thanks for the shout out! :)

    I LOVE the notebook you're using for this! Totally adorable! I might have to snag on that you've made, since I haven't had time to create my own with my wedding and all :)

  7. This sounds great and I already love the look of your mini!
    Thinking of you...


  8. Hi Monika! I saw this 30 Days of Lists September edition a couple of months back and planned on signing up. I signed up last week. It looks like it will be hugely fun, since I love to make lists. (My blog is www.listgirl.com) I'll be using a SMASH book as my list journal for the process. So excited to check out your lists too!


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