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My sweetie is on a business trip to Nashville and won't be home until tomorrow evening, boo hoo! I did get to open one card from him yesterday, which was cute and funny! It made Zach, as he says, throw up in his mouth. That's 19-year-old-talk for, "why on Earth do my parents insist on showing their love for each other in front of us kids." So, of course, Gordon finds ways to make him cringe! Ah, what a crazy life we have.

There's another card from Gordon, for me, on our dresser. I can't open it until February 15th, which is way more special to us and and is a really fun story for us to tell people when they ask about how we met.

Here are the Valentine's Day cards Isabella is sharing with her classmates today.  There is a girl version and a boy version. The recipient's name is on the reverse side. I made them using some digital elements from Crystal Wilkerson, which you can find here and here. Oh, and look around while you're there, as you might even find some freebies! Hint, hint.  Oh, and look around while you're there, as you might even find some freebies! Hint, hint.

By now, you know me and labels and mini's and coupon books. What would Valentine's Day be without at least one of those, right? Here is a project where I combined all three into one! I made coupon books with Crystal's new collection, The Vintage Cupcake. You can find more of her goodies here.

You might remember the shape from the Valentine's Day card above, but for the girls, I fussy cut around each label shape, used my Crop-o-Dile to punch a hole in the corner and threaded Caribbean and Blossom baker's twine from The Twinery through Isabella's while I just embellished a book binder ring with the twine for Victoria's. Lots of Mommy and Me activities are included for the coupons, plus maybe one for a cherry-limeade from Sonic, which happens to be a Wright girls {all three of them} favorite!

For the manly-man versions for my two guys, I spared them the cute twine, choosing instead a silver brad {for Zach's} and a leftover post-bound album screw for Gordon's. It'a a fitting reflection on his DIY frame-of-mind. He can {seriously} do anything he puts his mind to.

If you think you might be interested in learning how to use digital elements, I encourage you to stop by at all week long where Rebecca Cooper is hosting. She will be sharing a ton of stinkin' cute projects, layouts and more, more, more created using Crystal Wilkerson's newest collection. Again with the hints, but I have it on good authority that there might be  some freebies waiting for you!

Zach and I are having a day together in town running some errands and will probably treat ourselves to a nice lunch. Just us. No little girls to watch over {Isabella will be at school and Victoria has her Nana Day on Monday's} and keep busy while we're waiting for our food. Really looking forward to our day!


  1. those little valentines are adorable! i love the soft colors and the bracket shape ;)

  2. Brilliant...I have so many ideas I need to do!!!!!!
    Thanks again :)


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