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Up has a lot of meaning for me this year. So many little things over the last little bit have been nagging at me and bringing me down. Some of it was totally out of my control, I could do nothing. I tried. So much of it was in my control but I still allowed it to happen.

So, by choosing JOY for my one little word this year, I wanted to make a conscious effort to remember that I choose how I approach the day. I choose how I look at things. I choose how I want others to see me and remember me. You might be thinking that choose, or choice, should have been my word. I don't think so. I didn't want to choose how I approached this year, I already knew that I wanted JOY to be present in my everyday life.

So, all that to get to this. My "UP" capture. I had not planned on using any photos from my archives for this project. But THIS photo, for all its simplicity, is a fave. Looking up, this is what I am so privileged to see every. single. day. The sky is not always so blue, nor is it always clear and sunny. But, this is how I remember it in my mind. Blue skies, sunny days. Full of JOY.

next week's theme


the wrap-up

We're up to 109 52Photos Flickr group members and the photos just keep rolling in. You guys inspire me, truly. I love the browsing the photos and reading the stories. Thanks so much for sharing.

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See you next week. I already know what my capture is going to be and I think I will shoot it today...the sun is out and it's going to be a beautiful day. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your photo for "up" is very cool, fool of simplicity... and i'm sure that "joy" is a characteristic word for you!

  2. I love your "up" photo. I just posted mine on my blog too. I'm excited for "city". Should be lots of great photos!

  3. Love that photo and thank you for yet another great post ;-))


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