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Angie Lucas, president, CEO, and co-founder of Ella Publishing is being honored today with a virtual baby shower. All around blogland, friends, family, fans and admirers are sending best wishes to the Lucas family.  If you'd like to read about Angie's journey, click here.  Congratulations Angie, Travis and Jeremy in welcoming Keira Jane Lucas into the world!

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I'll share with you some advice that I never took, but in retrospect certainly wish I had. 
  • Accept help. It's okay. Keira will be okay without you for a while and you will be a better Mommy for taking a little break.
  • Sleep when you can. It's okay. Really. Forget the dishes and the laundry and the rest of the housework. And the e-mails. If you don't get your sleep, you may become cranky and forgetful and that won't help a bit.
  • It's not your fault. It happens. Two out of three of my children had colic and there's nothing one does to make it happen. It hurt us to see our babies crying and in such discomfort. But it's okay to step away and lay your sweet baby down for a while and fuss a bit when you become overwhelmed with the hours long crying spells. Really.
  • If someone asks how they can help, tell them. It's okay. Ask them if they would mind doing that load of laundry that has been mocking you all day. They wouldn't have asked if they didn't want to help.
  • Include yourself in the photos. It's okay. Yes. It is. No matter that you don't have make-up on or haven't brushed your hair. You will regret that there are so few photos of you and your baby one day.
And if nothing else, let someone come over and love on, snuggle with and take care of Keira while you do something else. It's okay.

Best Wishes and Big Hugs Angie!


  1. GREAT poster, Monika. Even better advice :) I wish I had listened better, too!

  2. Good pieces of advice.
    I wish I had more pictures of Grey and myself...no matter how fat I was, or no makeup, or dirty hair.
    I wish I had more help still!

  3. I love your advice--we do try to take on too much and have trouble asking for help. Terrific advice.

  4. Your poster is so creative, love it! And great advice too . . . something we should all listen to. : )

  5. WONDERFUL advice, Monika! Thank you. And I've already taken some of it to heart. I have a picture of me, greasy-haired, after just waking up, holding my sweet baby. And your words have convinced me to keep it and be proud. We don't always look our best when we're up 5 times a night. :) No shame in that! (p.s. I'll work on the accepting help thing. Really I will.) And the poster is just too precious. I LOVE it! You're amazing. Thank you thank you!


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