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The sun was shining through the blinds beaming down on my craft desk. As I looked out the window, I could see the leaves twirling down from the trees. Some were yellow, some had a little red, but all were lovely.

This is the view outside my window on a clear day.

April 2008 :: Walland, Tennessee
At the other side of the desk, this is what I see. Zach thought it would be cute to catch the Momster before she's had a shower, hence the very close crop.  Yes, I have to wear reading glasses to read the screen print that wasn't as blurry a year ago as it is today. Ugh.

September 2010 :: our mac, also a thing of beauty

And these are the journaling cards I designed to document stories for the Wright Family Fall Mini-Album. There are faint grey lines to be used for cutting guides, which should help you to size them to a perfect 6x4 card. You might notice that one card has room to include a date and one is blank.

You could also use them in an album like this one for just about any occasion. 

I spent some time writing. About my feelings. About what we do as a family. You know, those little things that don't really seem all that important. Now. But wait. When I look at our album in the future, I'm sure I will read these words and will have forgotten some things. And I'll smile because the story is not lost. Smile because I took the time to write them down.

Most people don't feel comfortable with their writing skills. And especially not writing about their feelings. Forget your inhibitions and just do it. As with everything, it gets easier with time and practice.


  1. Ah, I love the pic from your window. I miss living in the country sometimes.

    Thanks for more free stuff :) You rock as usual

  2. What a lovely view! Our computers are the same, and yes, they are things of beauty, too : ) Love those tags. Are you using Pages to create them? I can walk through how you might have done it except for the shading part.

  3. 2 downloads in one week! thank you!! I love the photo; i have taken a lot of photos of clouds over the years and would like to put them all together in an album someday. Hope your week is good and thanks again for the cute journaling cards!

  4. Hi! Sorry, I'm a little behind with the well wishes - congratulations on the Ella Team!!!! =)

  5. monika! how did i miss your graduation book!! i just love it! i use those same books in red for my "friends" photos and "home" photos :)) are those graduation journaling spots available for download or purchase??

  6. For some reason every time I try to download these it asks for my username and pw (I am not registered) and it seems as if the site thinks I am the one who created the doc in the first place.

  7. Same here: I love Zach's graduation book!
    These cards are very versatile!
    Thank you so much monika!

  8. What a pretty view!! Great journaling cards -- glad you shared them!! :)

  9. Do you sell your books? I love the 365 days book :) I would love three :) Let me know


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