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Quite a few readers have asked me about the Bind-it-All by Zutter. I highly recommend this little tool. It is in the Top 3 of my go-to crafting items! I used my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, which made a huge difference. And I would recommend purchasing the pink version, it's the newest model. Not that the blue is a bad choice, if you get it for a bargain, the pink just has the ability to punch closer to the edge, I believe.

I'll show you three cute little books I've made for my two youngest, Isabella and Victoria. I was lucky to have some rub-ons from Foof-a-La {Hall Pass collection} to use throughout this project. The red foam letters are from the Dollar Tree and the sticker letters are Making Memories, I think. I don't usually keep product packaging so set me straight if I'm wrong.

Another one cover version...didn't have enough of any one color letter sticker {also from Dollar Tree}, so I mixed it up. I also used the Foof-a-La rub-ons again.

Do you sense a Superstar theme going on here? The star embellishment seen below is one of those glow-in-the-dark stars that didn't stick to our ceiling.

Have any SuperStars in your life that would appreciate a little fun in their learning? These would make great birthday gifts, party favors or the ever popular quiet books. How about picking up a pack of flash cards at the Target Dollar Spot and making these for your Kindergartener's class as holiday gifts? You could even let the kids decorate the covers themselves and then you bind them. I think any kid would get a kick out of that.

No Bind-it-All in your future? No worries. Binder rings, ball chain or even ribbon would be just as cute, effective and adorable!


  1. I completely adore what you've done with these books! Very inspirational. And tempting to make a run the craft shop ...

  2. Great fun in those little books, I love it!

  3. i bet those little books make learning so much more fun!! cute projects! I was finally able to download your journaling cards by clicking on the box bar below the cards not the link in your post. Yeah!!

  4. Visiting from Mother of Two Boys and your newest follower!

    I've never seen the binding tool...I will have to look for it. I make my son little notepads with ribbon...but this would be more fun!

  5. I love these little albums! I have a bind-it-all gathering dust in my scrapbooking space. You've inspired me to dust it off!

  6. I still want a bind-it-all. This doesn't help!! :)

  7. well I had no idea that I "needed" a bind-it-all but this project is sooooo adorable! One more thing on my wish list!! =)Tiffany
    Breakfast at Tiffany's

  8. Such fun projects. I have to confess I have a bind-it-all but hardly ever use it, ummm. Must get it out!

  9. Oh NO!!!! now I want one of those binder thingys..

    I love your ideas. I can see this going great for homeschool gifts too!!!

    Love it. so clever...

    I need that math book..Im terrible at math. lol..

  10. LOVE this. My eldest little guy is just starting maths and this will be perfect!
    Lowri :-)

  11. Oh that is a totally awesome idea for a mini notebook! I never would have thunk that up :)

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