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A few readers have left comments on the blog and e-mailed me (there's a button on the sidebar) asking if I had plans to include in the shop the art poster that has made its appearance before here on the blog.

House and Family Rules Subway Art from http:// www.iloveitall.etsy.com | Monika Wright

As of this moment, the poster {Family Rules} has made its way into inventory and is ready to ship, at your request. It warms my heart that you like this art poster. It took some time to design and get just right, but I was happy to be learning some new skills and pleased about the results.

This poster is displayed in our home atop a table, which happens to be at eye level for our two youngest kidlets. At this point, our middle child was in her room having some quiet time for bad behavior. So, our youngest walked up to the poster (she's not yet reading) and asked me which of the rules Sissy (calls her sister that almost as much as her given name) had broken. I just chuckled a bit on the outside, but inside I was laughing hysterically.

I didn't know that rules printed on a poster had such an impact. Who would have known?

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