Go see what Christina, the winner of my one-month blogging anniversary giveaway, posted on her blog! Isn't that so neat! But I think Christina takes even more photos than I do on vacation. Wait, is that possible?

I am working on a project to post right now as "we speak." And it might include some new items in the shop that I listed this morning. And it just might also include some Bind-it-All goodies.

Remember this post?

So, off to do some fun crafty things with o-wires, canvas art board, photos and rectangle labels. I have about 2 hours until the girls get back from Nana's house!


  1. Okay, I promise I'm not cyber-stalking you but I had to comment. I was JUST on TwoPeas adding journaling stickers and cards to my wishlist. How weird!

  2. That's okay, Paige, I "stalk" my favorites, too! It's just blog love, ha, ha.

  3. looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)


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