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What is #ilovethursdaythanks? It's a way for me, and you, to connect with other like minded souls. Those of us that find joy in documenting our thankful thoughts and grateful moments. Those moments that sometimes could be so quickly forgotten, those thoughts that haunt us and won't let us go, those words that touched our heart when we needed them most, those people who made a difference just by being there.

From personal experience, not all of my entries are earth shattering moments. I am often thankful for the skills of my stylist who covers my gray hair so convincingly {at least to me}, thankful for the quietness of the house after the kids have left for school, grateful for the noise of house as we all gather for dinner again after a day of us all being somewhere else.

It's the small moments that make my heart sing. That's not saying that I don't enjoy being spoiled with a new winter coat, especially since I've gained weight and my 14-year old coat is now a smidge toooooo small, but when the girls remember to put the toilet paper roll on the holder, now that's a score!

On a side note, I signed up to join Ali Edwards in her annual One Little Word adventures. My word of the year is GROW and in an attempt to allow the word guide me and remind me, I added it to the inside cover of my Gratitude Journal - this is the journal I'm using in these photos - thinking that each time I use my journal, the word will greet me and let itself be known.

#thankful thursday #ilovethursdaythanks #thankful #grateful #one little word #olw  #gratitude journal #grateful journal

I used this new journaling card set and instead of printing on white cardstock like I usually do, I printed the file on vellum. Then when I added the vellum word strip, it kind of got lost so I ended up printing the printable on white cardstock as well and I love that now the word phrase pops out and gets noticed. 

#thankful thursday #ilovethursdaythanks #thankful #grateful #one little word #olw  #gratitude journal #grateful journal
#thankful thursday #ilovethursdaythanks #thankful #grateful #one little word #olw  #gratitude journal #grateful journal

You all know I am a fan of texture and hidden journaling, so I used some washi tape to attach the journal card to the inside cover of my Gratitude Journal. I used my watercolor paints to fill in the scalloped edges of the stamped journaling spot {stamped image is part of your Gratitude Journal when you receive it} and let the heart be the letter O in my word GROW. Clever, right?

I may still journal a little something under GROW, not sure yet.

#thankful thursday #ilovethursdaythanks #thankful #grateful #one little word #olw  #gratitude journal #grateful journal

I don't have new notebook anxiety, but there's something about opening up your journal to the first page and just wanting it to be perfect. Is mine perfect? No. Does it tell my story? Yes!

#thankful thursday #ilovethursdaythanks #thankful #grateful #one little word #olw  #gratitude journal #grateful journal

Don't let imperfection or doubt hold you back from sharing your story. Pull out a notebook or journal or even index cards. Begin writing what made you smile today. It will change your outlook and your life. 

Sure, I'd love for you to choose one of my products, but that's not what Gratitude is all about. I want you to find what makes your heart happy and works for your life and just do it.

Go you!

I'm not the only one out there documenting their #ilovethursdaythanks. The I Love It All Brand Ambassadors are also joining in, using the hashtag and posting over on Instagram.

If you'd like to share your thankful thoughts, leave a comment. Or, join us on Instagram. Be sure to tag me @iloveitallshop, so I can visit and share in your joy, too.

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  1. LOve how you are doing your word, tucked away behind. I enjoy the texture and look of vellum, it dresses up any project. Love you word, perfect for you. Can I just say that I especially loved these set of cards. ALready printed a couple of sets to use in my watercolor journal and the large eyelash journal. Excited for these projects. Thanks fr all you do! Beautiful work and ideas.


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