Journaling In A Midori Travelers Notebook Insert

While I was preparing a recent blog post, I realized that I had never posted photos of my December 2016 30 Days of Lists journal. Thinking about it, I believe it was the one and only time I used a Midori travelers notebook insert and not a spiral bound mixed media journal, as I have for the 15 other #30lists challenges I've participated in.


After using a mixed media journal for so many challenges, I had the idea that using a travelers notebook would be a rather good way to participate in the challenge in a low-key way during a particularly busy season for me at home and in the shop. My plan had been to just put pen to paper and add my list to the blank pages.

As it turns out, I couldn't leave my tendencies to embellish pages behind. I ended up embellishing my blank pages after all.

List 1 | Favorite Things About December
List 2 | An Activity That Warms Our Heart
Just a holiday themed journaling card, some sparkly gold washi tape and a hand cut heart from some scrap felt. And, of course, the felt heart is my favorite part.

List 3 | People Always Ask Me About My                                                    
List 4 | I Find Magic In...

List 5 | Things I Learned About Myself This Year

List 6 | On My Desk This Week

List 7 | Ways I Can Be Helpful
List 8 | This Season's Wardrobe Essentials

List 9 | When I Am Driving
I used a numbered sticky note from the Target Dollar Spot as a starting point for my list.

List 10 | A Night Out Usually Involves...
Anyone else feel that a night out is too rare an occurrence?

List 11 | Favorite Book Series
I was saddened to read of the recent death of the author Sue Grafton, no Z is for... will ever be written.

List 12 | What I Didn't Finish Yesterday
sets of 10 and 20 Library Book Checkout Cards

List 13 | My Favorite Meals Include
List 14 |

List  15 | Movies to Rewatch
After embellishing my page with some rub-ons, I used my watercolors and dabbed some green to coordinate with the sticker I used on the left side.

List 16 | I Will Remember 2016 As the Year...

List 17 | I Recommend...
More watercoloring  to serve as a base for my list.

List 18 | Things That Keep Me Up Late

List 19 | Traditions

List 20 | If I Could Time Travel
List 21 | Ways In Which I Shine

List 22 | When Things Get A Little Bit Crazy

List 23 | Ways to Get Off My Naughty List
List 24 | Our Traditions Big + Small

List 25 | Listening

List 26 | I Am Grateful For
List 27 | Favorite Games to Play

List 28 | In 2016...
Rather than peeling the stickers from the backing, I wrote my list on the stickers as they came and just adhered the whole sheet to the page.

List 29 | Things That Make Me Laugh
Weeeeeell, I didn't have stickers to spell the word laugh correctly, so I took liberties with the spelling.
List 30 | My Big Audacious Goals

List 31 | My Word for 2017

  • Watercolors
  • Orphaned Letter Stickers
  • Journaling Cards
  • Washi Tape
  • Date Roller Stamp

Browsing through my Midori Travelers Notebook insert, I smiled. While I have fun embellishing the pages with bits and pieces left on my craft desk, I realized that I really love the simple act of journaling about seemingly inconsequential subjects, a little peek into my every day thoughts, that end up capturing who I am at that moment.

Got the bug to list along? Registration {affiliate link} is now open for the March 2018 challenge, click here for more info.

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  1. Gosh I love your set up! As you know, I do it in an insert every month and it's so interesting how many different ways there are do list in the same insert (literally). I like your more minimalist style compared to mine. I think I might try that for March.

    1. Yes, I know you love using the TN inserts. After I looked back through this journal, it made me want to do more listing in the inserts as opposed to just in my usual mixed media journals. I thought I had gone too over-the-top on the embellishments, so I appreciate your insight on that, too!

  2. I love how simple your pages are, but there is always some fun element! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you Dawn, I appreciate your encouragement...and for saying that I added a little bit of fun to each page. You're a dear!


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