where i've been

If you've wondered where I've been, I've been taking it slow.

And I liked it.

I may have liked it too much.

I liked that I made time to read, even if that meant that I didn't do the laundry that day.

I liked that I wasn't crazy busy this summer with my shop. That doesn't mean that I didn't worry that my numbers weren't where they were last year or that I was going to have to readjust my goals, but sometimes things happen for a reason. And I took that reason to mean that I needed to step back and enjoy the moments that I had with the girls, and with myself, and with Gordon.  After all, moments only come once. 

I liked that I had time to have time. Time to do nothing. Or anything. 

Honestly, part of me taking it slow is that I'm struggling a bit with a few things in my life and for the first time I'm feeling kind of lost and I'm questioning myself. And that is leading me to compare myself to others, which is a scary slide to be on. I'm old enough to know that there are ups and downs and seasons in everyone's life. 

And I know that it will all make sense. 

And I know that it's okay to struggle and question.

But, here's to the girls having a wonderful first day of school today which means we're back to a schedule. Schedules have always been a good thing for me.

And speaking of schedules, be on the lookout for some some fun, new projects I'll be sharing soon.

Thanks for reading. 
Thanks for your friendship. 
Thanks for sticking with me.

Thank goodness for each new day!


  1. I've enjoyed following your "slow down" on IG & FB!
    Life throws us curves every once in a while & it's okay to ponder who we are & where we are in life. It can actually lead us to some amazing revelations!
    Stay strong & stay YOU!

    1. Thank you Patti for your insight and words of advice. And I would just adore some amazing revelations. I'm working on being strong, because that's what I've always been, and look forward to the journey.

  2. Life is all about priorities and in your life you're #1. Enjoy the time with your family - in 5 years from now, the girls will have their own lives and you will never have the quality time with them that you have now. It's not the blog / shop ratings that count in the end. It's what was important to you and what you made of it. ENJOY!!

    1. You are a dear, Hazel. Each day we are a new work of he{art} ready to be molded, so we might as well enjoy it, right? Thanks for your kind words and for caring.

  3. Oh honey, I love that you took the time to slow down!

    1. Sometimes we just need that, don't we Lisa? But for someone who is always fast, it takes some getting used to. Thanks for your friendship.

  4. I know what you mean Monika.
    I've experienced similar feelings and it'll all work out but not knowing how or why is difficult when one is as driven and on top of things as you are, isn't it?

    Lots of HUgs from the Baltic sea


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