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One never knows the treasures they'll find when they start going through craft supplies that haven't see the light of day in more days than can be counted. And look what I found yesterday!

Okay, maybe nothing to be sooooo excited about, but I am! Firstly, because they are all in sizes I didn't have in my hook stash already and secondly, because I'm thinking that yarn needle probably belonged to my Mom from back when she was still knitting. I regret not having the patience to learn that skill from her when I was younger. I am so impatient, and still am, and when my practice runs didn't turn out perfect, I sort of gave up on it and me ever learning how to do it to the best of my abilities.

Just the other day, when Victoria was putting away a pom pom into our yarn drawer, she said we had so much yarn we could open a store. For the record, not really, we probably only have about 6 colors, it just looks like we have a lot. 

I've started on a new scarf project with four skeins of yummy yarn in colors that aren't my usual go-to shades, but that's the fun of it. Something new. This pattern will take me some time, so I hope that I persevere and follow through. I like quick gratification and so far, this project has not been quick for me. 

After the success of crocheting this scarf, with bulky yarn and a huge hook, you can see what I mean! 

I might even like this one better, though, maybe because of the choice of yarn. For some reason, I can't find a photo of the finished project, but it's very similar in stitch to scarf pictured above. You can find the pattern here.

What are your favorite crochet projects and patterns? I'm not very advanced in my knowledge of stitches and techniques, but I'm willing to learn. And there's always You Tube, right? Have you checked out my crochet love board on Pinterest?

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