wright now | june 2015

Wright Now is a semi-regular series where I share things I'm crushing on right now. You might see a trend with this unofficial book edition of Wright Now. Thankfully, I've been having lots of time to read, or perhaps it's just that I'm making time to read, and have found two new authors I enjoy. 

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1  |  As someone who wears more jeans than anything else, since I haven't set foot into an office atmosphere in almost 12 years, I'm always on the lookout for jeans that balance my hips. Not that I have huge hips, but proportionally they are bigger than what they should be. Having said that, Gordon says they are birthing hips and I guess I would have to agree with him. 

These Brooke jeans from Lucky brand are my new fave! The crop will transition nicely into Fall and Winter, just roll down the non attached cuff and tuck inside my knee length boots. The boot cut are plenty long, I'll be wearing these with my cowgirl boots, even for me. These are a mid-rise jean, I usually do low rise, but I still felt comfortable and not like I was wearing Mom jeans.

What makes these jeans awesome for me is that even though they are stretch, which is usually not a selling point for me, they don't bag or sag and are equally awesome the second day of wearing. Yes, I wore them a second day just to test them out. And right now, the crop are on sale!

2  |  Knowing that we were headed to the beach, I wanted to find some books to take along for me. After all, beach time means time to read...G and I trade off watching the kids play. Because getting a library book wet is not a good thing, I browsed the For Sale section and found these two books by Elin Hildebrand. I'm reading Summer People and I guess I just happened to pick two that dealt with issues of death. Not that that's a bad thing, but after reading two books {see #4} that also dealt with death, I'm kinda sorta looking for something that doesn't address that issue. 

3  |  Love it! I'm a big fan of Greek Yogurt and can't seem to eat regular anymore, it's much too sweet for me. Gordon will even eat this brand, and the Caramelized Almonds is our favorite!

4  |  The first book I read by Elizabeth Berg was A Year of Pleasures and I wish that I had had a highlighter with me so that I could mark my favorite passages. And there were many. One day, I'd like to offer this to my Mother-in-Law to read, but I think it's still a bit early to do that now. One day, though. Even though this book deals with death, it is a wonderful story and so well written. As was Home Safe.

5  |  I have read Richard Paul Evans for years and years and still have the first book my Mom gifted to me, Christmas 1995, with her inscription. Well, imagine my delight when the niece of Mr. Evans purchased items from my shop, I Love It All. How awesome is that! I now have his newest book, too! 

So, what are your favorite jeans, books and yogurt?


  1. I love Elizabeth Berg and Elin Hildebrand....especially for summer reading!!!!

    1. I love to read period, so I was so happy to find two new authors. I'm always on the lookout for new-to-me books to read!

  2. Love your list!

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