tassel necklace tutorial

Never worry about having the perfect accessory for your outfit again! Today I'm going to share an extra easy DIY craft that takes just minutes and will be sure to get you some oohs + aaahs at your next get together.


The look of your tassel all depends upon the length of cardboard that you're wrapping and the number of times you wrap.  For the gold choker above, I wrapped my card on the short end and wrapped it twenty times, trimming the two Pink Sorbet tassels shorter than the Cappuccino tassel.

For the tutorial below, I opted for a longer tassel and again wrapped it twenty times.

  1. Choose your desired length of heavyweight cardstock to wrap. Begin with the loose end hanging down.
  2. Wrap until your desired fullness is reached. 
  3. Trim a longish piece of baker's twine before easing the tassel off your cardstock, holding onto  the tassel in one hand.
  4. Wrap the tassel with the longish piece of baker's twine several times and knot on the back side. Trim the tails from your knot
  5. Pull your choker or chain through the opening and trim your tassel to length.

I purchased my gold choker and silver ball chain {with the longer, single tassel} at a craft + hobby store, with a coupon of course, so it makes this project a great holiday gift giving idea as well.

How fun would it be to make these in school colors. Or as a pair of earrings? Or as embellishments on your gift bags and packages? Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.


  1. Little tassle earrings is brilliant! Cute and easy to make, plus not heavy like a lot of dangly earrings tend to be!

  2. Lovely idea, I'm going to make one for my best friend. She's going to love it!
    Eva, http://www.sofaclean.co.uk/

  3. Such a lovely ideas, never thought of tassels in this way.

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