this girl

This girl slays me.
I love her.

I love that she's got an "I can do anything!" attitude. Not in a cocky sense, but in the sense that she doesn't think that there's anything she can't conquer.
I love that she wants me to come to school to eat Thanksgiving lunch with her.
I love that she grabbed for my hand as soon as she saw me and we continued to hold hands as we waited in the lunch line.
I love that once lunch was over, she didn't want to linger and was fine with me going and didn't want for me to wait for her. She was ready to be back with her friends, Mommy time was over.
I love her quiet beauty.
I love her smile. Love. It melts my heart.
I love that she's in the mood to hug again. She asks to sit in my lap and wants hug time. For a while, she wasn't so huggy and I missed our special time together.
I love that she loves to read.
I love that she loves to read alot.
I love that retains what she's reading.
I love that she is encouraging to her little sister.
I love that she is friends with her little sister.
I love that she loves her big brother, even though there are eleven years between them.
I love that she misses her big brother and gets sad and mad that he forgets to call.
I love that she wants to learn and help around the house.
I love that she's her own person and is not easily swayed.
I love that she finally has a group of girls that she can call friends. In elementary school, her class did not have many girls that had the same likes as her so it was a tough few years friend-wise.
Okay, I don't love that she has the same little attitude I did with my Mother, but I can't hate it either. I think that I turned out okay, so perhaps it will serve her well. It's my little defense mechanism and maybe it's hers, too.

I love this precious, sweet, loving, amazing, fabulous girl.
She slays me.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you dear lady, you made me smile. I'm not very good at getting what's in my heart onto paper, I always want to say more and don't know how to verbalize it well enough.

  2. You did a great job! She sounds like an awesome human!

  3. Such a beautiful tribute to you DD Monika!


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