happy thanksgiving | gather, give thanks, feast

Gordon and I are blessed to have the joy of having both sides of our family gather and celebrate our Thanksgiving feast together. It might be a little tight in our tiny little dining room and we'll end up adding a table to ours and having it bump out into the living room...but that's okay. Totally okay for the joy of seeing everyone looking forward to their favorite recipes, deciding if a third helping is really a good idea and contemplating whether to go for the pumpkin pie or apple strudel {or both} for dessert.

It is Thanksgiving, after all.

I am thankful for this busy, hectic, hustle bustle that will be in our home because we were a military family growing up. We didn't have the luxury of aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents to gather around our table. There weren't cars lined up in our driveway.

But there will be this year and I'm looking forward to carrying on my Mom's tradition of good food, good times and good memories.

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