gratitude journal | weeks 9 - 11

The journey to a grateful heart begins with a single thought.

Totally made that up just now, but it's true. Try it. Thinking good things about the smallest of things in our lives that we take for granted makes a big difference.

Week 9
I hunted down my old rotary date stamper and used it for the dates this week.

Week 10
I made a modified paper flower {tutorial here} and used a brad to keep it together.

Week 11
Office supply papers just make me happy. Must be because I loved finding stuff like that at Big K and would use them when I played store or bank as a pre-teen.

The shop stocks the Gratitude Journal from January - December, each month adding the next month's selection while still keeping the previous months available as well. It's really neat to see that customers are still purchasing the January - December journal, making me think that they have already been documenting their thankful thoughts and happened upon my Journal and decided to splurge a little bit on themselves. 

And I am thankful for that.

If you'd like to be featured here sharing your Gratitude Journal from my shop, e-mail me {click on the yellow envelope under my photo in the sidebar} so that we can choose a date that works for your schedule.

And be sure to check out Kate's post where she shares tips and suggestions for staying current with your journaling.


  1. everything is so lovely and real. i love it. since i'm saying love a lot i'll go ahead and say i loved kate's guest post.


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