birthday countdown calendar

Tomorrow is the big 5-Oh for me and I wanted to share this birthday countdown calendar the girls created. All we have to do is remove the white tags and turn it over to reveal the next countdown number. About 10 tags fit on our nail, to which I've added a yellow enamel dot to the nail head. 

Birthday Countdown Calendar |

The week before Spring Break, Victoria had a terribly painful case of strep throat. The worst case any of my three kids have ever had. Thankfully, she had moments of relief and in those moments, Victoria wanted something fun to do.

I have had the cupcake shape for some time and Gordon even drilled a hole in the top for a candle for me {probably a year go, but don't tell anyone} so that it would look like a real cupcake! Out came the paint bin and brushes.

She was a happy girl and Isabella painted the other side of the cupcake when she got home from school.

Birthday Countdown Calendar |

Makes me happy my kiddos like crafty projects as much as I do!


  1. Happy 50 to you tomorrow! I love the cupcake it's so adorable, definitely something to think about since my hubby turns 50 the end of April and I turn 50 the middle of May.....

  2. happy birthday! i turned 50 last year.


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