It's not uncommon for me to be distracted. Occasionally, it's because I don't want to do what really needs to be done but more often, it comes from me trying to do so many things at once and then I tend to lose focus. By that I mean that I am focused, but the problem is that I am focused on several projects at once. Sometimes it's a good thing and other times, it's good for no one but me, meaning that what I should have done gets put aside for something that I "think" needs to be done instead.



For example, I should have been doing some tax paperwork, but instead I altered a notebook with a Project Life journaling card and some goodies from My Mind's Eye. Not too much frou frou as I'll be using this notebook quite a bit in the next few months, but cute enough to make me smile each time I pick it up.

Altered Notebook with Washi Tape | iloveitallwithmonikawright.com

See how I used washi tape on the pages? That's my favorite part of the whole project, turn the page and find another cute pattern. I even used it to add a little tab, can you see it?

I'm using this notebook to make notes and list concerns about the plan from our landscaper, who just also happened to be one of Zach's Pee Wee football coach years ago.


Doing laundry one rainy, weekend afternoon, I decided that our Furnace Room was out of control. Okay so I still did the laundry and ironing, but I also overhauled the Furnace Room {which is connected to the laundry room} in the process. A lot of purging, rearranging and ORGANIZATION!

Changing Table ReUse | iloveitallwithmonikawright.com

That's the very old changing table, which has a storied life I need to document sometime, and on top of it sits the cabinet Gordon built that hung above our front load washer. Now that it has bitten the dust, we are back to an old-fashioned top loader and the cabinet had to come down. 

There you go, even though I got distracted, I accomplished two fun projects, plus I did get my tax work completed as well. Win, win!


  1. Love the notebook! I probably need to make something just like that for my upcoming vacation in Europe ;)

    1. That would be a wonderful idea and a great place to jot all the little notes that you think you won't forget but probably will. Have fun!

  2. Gorgeous. I like to pimp a standard book to something personal special.

    Have a nice week with all your kiddos

  3. No confusion - I understand completely! Love the little notebook upgrade - I can do that :) Washi tape of any kind makes me smile. Happy 3rd week of July!

    (And I need to tackle the tax stuff now that summer school teaching is over. I am such a huge procrastinator on business paperwork!)

    1. The creating is fun, isn't it Crystal...it's the paperwork that isn't. I hope you find the time to cutify a notebook soon!

  4. Love the changing table. I keep seeing ideas like that where you pull out the drawers and use baskets. It's a great idea for a craft room.

    1. We loved using this changing table and can't bear to get rid of it. So many memories.

  5. I like how you made this notebook! Love the idea for different Washi tape on every page :)

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