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my 52Photos capture :: happy

I've told you often of our nature walks on the driveway. As I was strolling along on a totally different mission, I happened to look at some pods getting ready to burst and when I did, I found this cluster of three. I'm drawn to anything in groups of 3 since we have 3 kiddos. Obviously, this little find made me happy and now I have another photo to add to my collection of 3. Even though my eldest is away from home, I still think of three as the magic number.

my 52Photos capture :: crave

After the hot and humid days of Summer, we are finally beginning our foray into Fall, which I so crave. I crave the colors, the changing of the leaves, the cooler mornings-warm days-cool nights cycle. This is just the beginning of what we hope will be another beautiful season in our East Tennesee mountains. It seems that some years we are blessed with absolutely gorgeous shows of Fall colors that are literally breathtaking. I am hoping for just such a season this year.

my 52Photos capture :: green

My only 6x4 of the group, which I may have to address when it comes time to put these in an album.

Just by chance, on our way up to Nana's and Papa's for what will surely be our last weekend of Summer swim time, I had my camera handy. It won't be too much longer that the girls will no longer be able to fold their long, lanky legs into their neon green Prowler for a quick little ride down to the barn or up the hill to Nana's and Papa's. I'm certain that the day we retire the Prowler, and the Dora Jeep for that matter, will bring tears to my eyes knowing that their "I'm just  a Little Girl" days are fleeting. In what will seem like weeks, they'll be begging to drive our cars as they practice for their Driver's Licenses in real {hopefully not neon green} 4-wheeled vehicles.

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the wrap up

I e-mailed Lisa not too long ago and told her that through participating in 52Photos, I've had the opportunity to learn a few new things about myself, to stop and look at some things in a new way and now, I realize, I am also fulfilling my goal to capture our family's history. These are pictures that might have remained on my hard drive, no scrapbooking layout made and the story behind the photo would have resided in my memory and not on paper.

Ghere for an explanation, a blog button and an invitation to join our 52 week journey of discovery! We'd love to have you join us...just jump in now and see where your photos take you.


  1. Aahh, I love this post and some new things in your shop!! Enjoy the rest of your 3 day weekend!

  2. Beautiful photos, Monika! I especially relate to the autumn one. It is starting to feel like fall here and it makes me soooo happy!


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