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meet Cocoa | Santa's helper delivered her a few days before Christmas...she's bigger now and still as sweet!

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I'm a very scent oriented person. My sniffer is very sensitive and I can pick up on certain scents and odors when no one else around is even aware of it. But, that's another story for another time. 

I love the scent of my kids fresh from a bath and even after they've been running around all afternoon outdoors in the sunshine, then rode their bikes and then went to the barn to feed the cats. Two different scents, but ones that are both sweet to me. Double bonus: when hugging Gordon and catching the scent in the crook of his neck, something about that makes me feel safe and content. Climbing into a bed of freshly laundered linens is a distinctly pleasurable experience. Let's just say that I like a lot of scents.

the puppy smell of a snuggly critter like Cocoa is a pretty good scent, too. Even though she's now an outside puppy, her puppy smell still lingers and if she stays still long enough for you to bend down and give her an ear scratch and a pat you can still catch a whiff of it. 

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  1. Is that a chocolate Lab...love labs :)

  2. Ooohhhh chocolate! That is a handsome pup!

  3. Scent is my strongest sense too! I can remember things in an instant if I stumble upon a certain smell that I'd forgotten about years before. ADOR-ABLE puppy! I agree, puppy smell is the best. My mom says "puppy breath" is her favorite. hehe

  4. Wowowowowwww!
    Like my Lena:http://locandadialmayer.blogspot.com/2011/03/cazzeggio.html


    I love your blog, really.


  5. Adorable! We're getting a dog next month--looking forward to it! Love seeing yours.


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