grosgrain ribbon belt :: a tutorial

If they've outgrown it, then just recycle. That's what we did when the belts that Victoria and Isabella had been wearing just didn't fit any more.

I trimmed the existing ribbon from the belts they were using, and had worn for many years, {my girls are skinny minnies} and recycled the D rings. If you don't have any D rings handy, you can find them here or at most craft stores.

I measured the length of ribbon that I would need to fit around the girls' waist, plus a bit more for the "tail" and then doubled the length. I threaded the D rings onto the ribbon so that they were sandwiched between the two layers.

Begin sewing from the end where the D rings are {the middle} and go out toward the open end of the ribbon. Once you reach the open end, press the ends under, as shown below.

Continue sewing to the end, make your corners...

...and head for the home stretch!

I chose red thread because the area closest to where I would be sewing was red. It's your choice on whether to choose a complementary or a contrasting thread color for your belt.

And now, Spunky and Precious have new belts to wear and it didn't cost DaDa a cent! Well, I guess at one point it did, but the ribbon is now considered "free" because it's in my stash. So there.

One is silver and the other's that Girl Scout song.

My machine is old {from my Mom} and my sewing is not perfect, but I had fun. Now, if I would just finish the table runner for my Mom and the pillows for Victoria's room my TO DO list would be so much closer to done!


  1. Very cute belts -- and the song is "Make New Friends!" Great for blogging, don't you think? Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. That is a great idea! I soo want to learn how to sew! Maybe one day! :)


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