card making 101

Are you a scrapbooker? Are you always scrambling for a greeting card at the last moment, but you're the one with all the pretty paper and embellishments and ribbons and every type of adhesive imaginable? Yeah, me too! Go figure.

I created this card using a sketch contributed by Valerie Mangan, who also happens to be one of my Ella Publishing Design Team Friends, during Emily Pitts' hosting gig at Write.Click.Scrapbook. She called upon talented cardmakers, each of them offering up their tips, suggestions and methods to go about creating cards. 

You'll want to check it all out, as each day Emily also has a video sharing how to create a card in 5 minutes. It's very doable, please give card making a try. During one of the videos, I spied some SRM Stickers just like the ones I used for this project

In the works...sets of cards to gift, which is all part of my 20ll blog goals and will help me to at least have one post in this third month of the year for christmas crafts x12! I need to catch up, don't I?


  1. Hi Monika - I'm so glad you commented today because it gave me the pleasure of following to your blog. I love, love, love your site! Bookmarking right now. I'll be back over and over to check out all your fantastic projects. Love this card - I've been planning to do some string wrapping like you've done on the flower. It looks so cool! :)


  2. Adorable card! I made the cutest little flower the other day and still haven't created a card for it...I think I am going to have to copy your card:o)

  3. how very clever of you!
    Great card monika <3

  4. This is super cute and I can't wait to see more :)


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