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These girls love to play, anywhere really, but their rooms are their most favorite. You see, we never put the closet doors back on when we renovated Isabella's room {and designed a bachelor's pad in the basement for Zach}. We were afraid that she would close her fingers in the sliding closet doors. And it turned out to be a great decision...it's a nice little cubby/hideout/secret space for them to play in. You can see how deep the closet is, and the closet in Victoria's room is the same way {deep and without closet doors}.

This capture is from November 2010, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this week's theme. Of all the rooms in this big house, the closets end up being the most fun place to have adventures and make messes.

For the record, Zach's bachelor's pad closet has doors...thank goodness! But he thinks the Momster doesn't know that he hides his mess at the end of his bed, which can't be seen from the door as I pass by. Gotcha, big boy!

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the wrap-up

Wowser, I'm behind {so behind} in posting my photos to the Flickr group...add that to my ToDo list. Now!

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in the spotlight today is my 52Photos partner in crime, Lisa Ottosson. Lisa and I met through our Design Team affiliation at Write.Click.Scrapbook. She was so brave to ask me to join the 52Photos group and, now, the rest is history. You might remember this project where I used a download from her Etsy shop

I think this print from her shop is perfect for me...since my olw for 2011 is joy.

Here's Lisa:

i downloaded monika's free thankful print (which is awesome in its simplicity!) and printed enough sheets so i had one for my 30 days of gratitude that i am doing this month. since they were printed 3up to a page, i cropped and put a number 1-30 on each of the pages. all through the month i have recorded my thankful thoughts right there. here's a link to my blog post, if you'd like to see it.

and here are some photos i'd like to share with you:

You can find Lisa on her blog or at her Etsy shop, so drop by and say hi to her sometime!


  1. Such princessess! Love the idea of having the doors off...of course, mine are a bit old for that now - but would have been great when they were smaller!

  2. You have encapsulated the meaning of joy in that photo :)

  3. oh that photo is precious...and love the little book!!! hugs, Katrina


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