house rules

I have seen so many variations of the {house rules} concept on the world wide web lately, that I decided to create one for our family. It was featured on recently, but thought that I would share this little gem here, too!

I used Pages {for Mac} to create this canvas, which I then printed on our awesome Epson R1900 printer on Velvet Fine Art Paper. One day, while my son and I were sitting in the living room, he was reading the house rules poster and said, "Hey, Mom, they have some of the same rules we do!" He knows that I like to read blogs and visit Etsy shops, so he thought that I had purchased this art. Made me laugh that he thought someone else had the same rules we do and made me feel good that he thought that this homemade art was good enough to have been purchased!


  1. I love this Monika!
    Welcome to the addictive world of blogging :)

  2. I think you should put this in your etsy shop. I would love this, and don't know how to do it myself. Just a thought :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Altie. I had thought of adding them but didn't know if people would be interested in our rules. Just the other day my 4-year old walked up to the poster displayed in our home and asked which rule her almost 7-year old sister was in trouble for! Cute. Be sure to check the shop on Monday, I will have a listing up for you then.

    Have a safe weekend!


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