Watercolors and My Travelers Notebook Gratitude Journal

#travelers notebook #gratitude journal #watercolors #grateful #gratitude # reflection journal #mindset #journaling

Grateful for...
What simple joys are you grateful for this week?

Who says you can't journal when you're out and about and on the road? Not me. While I waited for Isabella as she was doing some range practice at the golf course yesterday, I decided to pull out the watercolors and my travelers notebook gratitude journal. Oh yeah, watercoloring while sitting in the drivers seat. Ha, you should have seen me. At least I wasn't driving, right?

The Two of Us

First thing I did was to paint swirly polka dots in 3 shades of yellow. After my swirly circle polka dots dried, in no time flat since it was plenty hot with the windows down, I used my black gel pen to doodle a few more sloppy little swirly's. 

#travelers notebook #gratitude journal #watercolors #grateful #gratitude # reflection journal #mindset #journaling

I used the printable Yellow Numbers set and trimmed my number, outlined it and then journaled inside the number. Afterward, I used the kraft paper that's glued to the other side of the page for more detailed journaling. 

Here's the journal I'm using which now has an embellishment kit option.

#travelers notebook #gratitude journal #watercolors #grateful #gratitude # reflection journal #mindset #journaling

And the number set, which also comes as a multi-colored set and pink with blue and black coming soon.
#travelers notebook #gratitude journal #watercolors #grateful #gratitude # reflection journal #mindset #journaling #printables

Grateful for Believing In Me

Watercolors are the theme this week in my Field Notes Gratitude Journal. It's relaxing to look at that blank page and to come up with a plan. I tried my hand at creating a plaid pattern. Did I pull it off? I kind of think I did.

#travelers notebook #gratitude journal #watercolors #grateful #gratitude # reflection journal #mindset #journaling

I used on the labels from this printable set as my journal prompt. I often think about where I started in 2010 and where I am now. I could never have imagined that I would be who I am now. I do believe in myself but I could probably push myself more, I do believe.

#travelers notebook #gratitude journal #watercolors #grateful #gratitude # reflection journal #mindset #journaling

What is #ilovethursdaythanks? It's a way for me, and you, to connect with other like minded souls. Those of us that find joy in documenting our thankful thoughts and grateful moments. Those moments that sometimes could be so quickly forgotten, those thoughts that haunt us and won't let us go, those words that touched our heart when we needed them most, those people who made a difference just by being there.

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For 2019, I decided on the Things I Am Grateful for In 2019 cover because I knew that I wouldn't be journaling exclusively in this journal, nor every single day. This cover choice gave me the freedom to go at my own pace without the "guilt" of having to keep up with the '365' promise. You can choose from 4 different cover designs, whatever makes you happiest.

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