Two Days' Work

I'm not going to lie, making Gratitude Journals takes time. Lots of time. But, it's a labor of love. Apart from being a bestseller, being pinned to Pinterest a bajillion times, and bringing joy to hundreds of customers, using a Gratitude Journal myself brings me joy.

This bin holds just a few of the 15 journals I made over the past two days and thankfully, some have already been shipped to their new homes.

Yesterday afternoon, just as I was getting ready to leave for school pick-up, I received an e-mail from a first time customer. Here's an excerpt:
I just received my gratitude journal today and absolutely love it. A friend of mine is going through some stuff and I think I will order one for her as well!! 

Wow, right?

Notes of any kind, but especially notes like this one, make every hour standing on my feet trimming, collating, stapling, stamping, punching, lettering, corner rounding and binding worth it. Because these journals are a handcrafted and handmade item, it's not an inexpensive purchase. It's a purchase  that you might even put in your cart and think about for a while. Maybe a long while. Waiting for a sales event, coupon code or maybe some birthday money to arrive. Yeah, I get that. I'm on a budget, too.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for choosing my handmade shop in which to spend your money. It really is very much appreciated as I know how many really awesome shops there are out there, in your local neighborhood as well as online. And it is always my hope that you all love your goodies as much as I did making them.

Please know this, I am grateful for each of you and for each and every sale.

Have you entered the giveaway? I have two spots for the September 30 Days of Lists challenge over on my IG page, @iloveitallshop.

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