Another First Day

Another first day of school.

They did great. Woke up on time, to their own alarms, and did all their jobs. We even left earlier than usual to avoid all the first day traffic!

Then, as we were bee bopping down the road, this one had to remind me that 11 years ago was her "first" first day of school. Gosh, it seems like once we send them to high school, we're already saying goodbye. In too short a time, our littles are off on their own life adventures only dropping by now and again.

And then on my way home, the back way down an old, winding country road, I pulled over. I pulled over to take a few moments to talk with God, knowing there would be tears {and no mama with tears should be driving down a narrow, winding country road } thanking him for my two precious, innocent. adventurous, intelligent, beautiful, kind hearted, talented, hard-working, sporty, scholarly daughters. 

They are gifts I'll always treasure on this first day and every day.


  1. Watching our kids grow and leave is bittersweet. Enjoy them every minute you can while they are still full-time at home.

    1. I'm trying be good about living in the moment and "being" in the moment, while we're all still together. Thanks for dropping by and for reading the blog!


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