I Want to Be...

#30lists, #30 Days of Lists #list #lists #listing challenge #I Want to Be #journal #mini book #smashbook

For the first list of the 30 Days of Lists March challenge, we were prompted to answer this question: I Want to Be...

This is my before the list page, embellished with the glitter tag and pink paper clipfrom the add-on kit. I tied some baker's twine to the tag and popped on the "want" die cut that I scallop punched from the freebie set that each #30lists participant received as part of their registration perks.  You can still register and download your freebies here.

#30lists, #30 Days of Lists #list #lists #listing challenge #I Want to Be #journal #mini book #smashbook

I jumped in and decided to use the kraft paper bag, sets of 10, 25 and 50 here, as the opener for my lists. If you missed what I tucked inside the kraft paper bag pocket, I shared two things about me.

I journaled my answer atop a watercolor wash of pink I added below the tag and then went to the left side of the page to go more in-depth about my answer.

I Want to Be...as awesome a Mom as my kids imagine I am.
#30lists, #30 Days of Lists #list #lists #listing challenge #I Want to Be #journal #mini book #smashbook
#30lists, #30 Days of Lists #list #lists #listing challenge #I Want to Be #journal #mini book #smashbook
#30lists, #30 Days of Lists #list #lists #listing challenge #I Want to Be #journal #mini book #smashbook

I really am just blown away when my girls walk up to me, give me a hug and tell me that I'm an awesome Mom. After raising Zach, who is a more introverted type of personality, it catches me off guard when Isabella and Victoria priase me and love on me. Now, I'm not saying that I didn't feel loved by Zach, he always made beautiful birthday cards and lavished me with gifts from the heart, often spending his own birthday money on a gift for me, it's nice to hear the words spoken, too.

Honestly, it embarrasses me a little. I like to hear kind words, sure, but I am shy about praise and kind of blow it off. I feel much better bestowing praise on others, even though I do feel the need to be appreciated. 

There's a lot going on here in this two-page spread. In addition to adding the elements from the kit, I attached the baker's twine and tucked in heart die cut, swished some watercolors on the page and used the date stamp in the upper left corner. Yes, I did forget to roll the year to 2018, so I had to ink over the 7 to make an 8. Sigh.

Go ahead, spoil yourself, grab yourself a journal just like the one I'm using. And then, read this post where I share how I'm using all the goodies from the kit - because I know so many of you wonder what you're supposed to do with all that cute stuff once it arrives in your mail box.

#30lists, #30 Days of Lists #list #lists #listing challenge #I Want to Be #journal #mini book #smashbook

What do you want to be? There are so many ways to approach this prompt, mine is just one way to look at it. Imagine how different your list will be a month from now, or even a year.

Are you a list nerd, too? See more of my listing mini books, journals and prompts here.

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Setting Up My March Journal

I am an affiliate, as well as an Ambassador, of 30 Days of Lists, and will earn a fee if you use any of my links to register and participate in this awesome listing adventure. It costs you nothing extra, but I do appreciate you using my link. This will be my 16th #30lists challenge to pariticapte in, so I guess you can say that it's something I believe in. I think you might, too.

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